The major strength of the institution is a team of highly qualified, experienced and dedicated teachers. Presence of able teachers had helped a lots in progress. School strictly follows the CBSE syllabi.

Scholarship and Awards

Heerawati Devi Meritorious scholarship is given to best all rounder. Best Teacher Award for the current session is given as an incentive and morale booster.


Pragati Public School has an enriched library indulging books from different streams of diversified knowledge. Besides periodicals, students also have access to books etc. which helps to blend their modern and diversified knowledge with conventional values and ethics. Our library is also equipped with a large number of teaching aids, charts latest Cad’s and multimedia kit to enable the students to co-relate their theoretical concepts with visual effects.

Computer Education

Pragati Public School has an advanced computer lab with over 20 computer systems. They are taught the modern and the latest developments in computers, under the able guidance of trained teachers. Besides their curriculum, exclusive attention is given to the students to boost their performance and excel in their traits.

Science Lab

Science being the backbone of every living thing requires a great attention. Future lies with scientific inventions and innovations and we at Pragati Public School cannot overlook this principal area. We motivate students to convert their imaginations into realities by providing all possible aids.

Sports Facilities

Sports at Pragati Public School is not considered as a substitute or a refreshment event after studies. It is rather a continuous process at the school to identify and develop the student’s talent by providing them adequate facilities with a highly equipped indoor sports room and a sprawling outdoor playground.

The Academic Curriculum In Nursery Prep Classes (Age group 4 – 5 years)

We have informal learning through play way method using specially designed aids. This develops psycho co native skills (learning by doing) under well trained Montessori teachers. The emphasis is to reduce written work and concentrate on the physical, mental and emotional growth of children to make them self reliant.

Classes I – IX (Age group 6 to 14 years)
The CBSE education system is followed using the NCERT syllabus. Art, Craft, Yoga, Karate, Music, Computers. Dance etc are however, added in the curriculum. This aids in overall development of character and personality. In class V to VIII a third language ‘Sanskrit’ is also introduced. We are also thinking of introducing foreign languages

The Etiquette Club

This club grooms the children in terms of etiquettes and confidence to stand out in a crowd during the course of a celebration or a function and of course in everyday life too. The course fee for the same is informed through notice to children. Participation in this club is completely optional.


Counselling is an important and effective way of dealing with stress and strain of everyday life. In order to help students cope with problems like lack of concentration, restlessness, disinterest in studies, aggressiveness, behavioral and emotional disorders etc., we have a trained psychologist in the school. Students and parents are encouraged to come and discuss their problems with the counselor and seek guidance. Teachers are the first hand counselors and the school also has trained counselor for the same.

Leisure Time Activity

Helps children to broaden their vision and enhance classroom learning. These activities are done under the guidance of experts who are masters in their respective fields. It involves Music-vocal, Elocution-Debating, Art & Craft, Painting, Yoga, Recitation, Poetry Writing, Dance-Indian Classical, Indian Folk, Western.

Career Information Cell

In order to keep students abreast of all happenings across and to provide them more information on the career front, to help them decide on a fruitful career and provide them in-depth information on the same, we have Career Information Cell for students from class VIII upwards.

House System

To promote team spirit, group loyalty and healthy competition amongst students, School is divided into four Houses after the name of the Aryabhatt, Tagore, Raman and Shivaji. All students from class I onward are divided into these Houses. For competitions classes are grouped as follows: group A (I, II & III); Group B (IV & V); Group C (VI to VIII) and Group D (IX to XII). Each House is headed by one boy and one girl known as House Captains. A member of the staff, associated by several other teachers acts as the House in charge. Points are awarded to the students throughout the year for extracurricular activities, games and sports. At the end of the year the House gaining the highest number of points is awarded a running Trophy for being the best House of the year.


Assembly is conducted by one particular class for the whole week. Our Assembly begins with ‘Gayatri Mantra’ and is followed by prayer, patriotic song, scripture reading, news, speeches, recitation of poetry, few creative demonstrations and ends with the ‘National Anthem’. This develops the overall personality of the students and it helps them to shed – off their stage fear.

Remedial Classes

All efforts are made to help the weak students by holding special classes. The progress of such students is monitored regularly by the teachers.


Students are assessed on a cumulative assessment scale. Unit Tests and Terminal Examinations are given due weight age making it imperative for students work throughout the year. The promotion of students to next class is made on the basis of his/her cumulative scores.

Transport facility

The school has a number of comfortable buses and other vehicles that apply on various routes.